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hablar en español

Si usted necesita hablar con un empleado del distrito,  en español,  por favor llame a TES en nuestra línea telefónica  al (805) 434-4027 y hable con Annette Calcote, profesora del Desarrollo de Ingles (ELD).  Si la llamada no es contestada, por  favor deje un mensaje con un buen número para comunicarse con usted.  Intentaremos de contestarle durante las horas de 1:30-2p lúnes a viernes, o hasta las 9:00 de la noche el mismo día. Sus preguntas e inquietudes son muy importantes para nosotros, y queremos asegurarse de que ustedes pueden conseguir sus preguntas relacionadas a la escuela.


Jill Southern, Directora TES y Annette Calcote, Profesora de ELD




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Office Staff

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Bell schedule







Attendance Line

If your child must be absent, please call the 24-hour absence verification line at (805) 434-5826.

For your convenience, our office hours are from - 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m Monday through Friday, 434-5820

Fax number - 434-5811


Contact a teacher by  email

TES Principal



2015-16 TK / Kinder Enrollment




Enrollment packets will be available for pick up on Monday,

February 2, in the TES office. A copy of a recent utility

bill or escrow document with your name and physical address in

addition to copies of your child's birth certificate and current

immunizations must be provided before you will be given the

enrollment packet. Completed packets may be returned to the

TES office beginning Wednesday, February 11, after 1:30 p.m.

Our office hours are 7:30-4:00.


The Kindergarten Readiness Act changed the age for

entrance into kindergarten in California. Children must be

five years of age for kindergarten by:September 1, 2015 for the

2015-16 school year.

Transitional Kindergarten is the first year of a two-year

kindergarten program for children whose kindergarten

entrance is changed as a result of this new law. Children

will be enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten if their fifth

birthday is between:


-September 2 and December 2 for the 2015-2016

school year and each year thereafter


Please be advised that Transitional Kindergarten space is

limited. We can only accept a certain number of TK

students, therefore acceptance will be based on a first

come, first served basis for TUSD residents only.


Only COMPLETED packets will be accepted.

**All Transitional Kindergarten students must meet the

same requirements as traditional Kindergarten students,

including proof of residency, birth certificate and

immunizations current for school entry.



Tuesday, January 27 - TES SAC meeting (3-4p)

Wednesday, February 4 - Wacky Snack (Early Release)

Thursday, February 5 - PTO Community Dinner Meeting @ 15 Degrees on Main St. at 6p

Monday, February 9 - NO SCHOOL - Lincoln's Birthday Holiday

Monday, February 16 - NO SCHOOL - Washington's Birthday Holiday

Wednesday, February 18 - DELAC - 6-7:30p in the TES MPR

Friday, February 27 - PTO Community Dinner! - Save the date!


Thank you to our incredible staff, students, and families for all your care that has made our year happy, safe, and energized! 

Principal's Welcome Back Letter

January 5, 2015

Templeton Elementary School Families,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful winter break full of quality time with loved ones.  I am excited to hear from you and your children about experiences with family and friends.  As we begin 2015, there are so many things to look forward to!  We have had such a successful first four months of school, and I am confident that these next five + months will be equally exciting, challenging, and innovative.

TES has a number of staff members who are now or will soon be on maternity leave.  With joyous new additions for our amazing educators comes spans of time where we bring in very talented long term substitute teachers.  TES is proud to have, starting January 5, Ms. Kathleen Lemieux as Mrs. Vigario's long term sub and Mrs. Margaret Phillips as Mrs. Stephenson's long term sub.  In addition, starting in late January, Mr. Taylor Brooks will be Mrs. Kolstad's long term sub as our computer instructor.  We will keep you informed about additional long term substitute teachers as more staff goes on maternity leave.

One of my New Year's Resolutions involves continuing making improvements to our impacted parking, drop off, and pick up situation.  We have experienced major improvements with our staggered schedule, but we are aware that it is far from being problem free.  It is appreciated that many families do park on neighboring streets or near the park and walk their children to school.  It saddens me, however, to hear from our walking families the reports of a few drivers racing through intersections, driving while on cell phones, or driving on the wrong side of the road.  I have been out to the impacted areas and have timed the length of time it takes to wait on Old County, legally, to safely make the turn into the TES drop off zone.  I observed drivers, not willing to wait up to two minutes, who illegally drive on the wrong side of the road through our cross walk, nearly hitting our staff member working to keep our kids and families safe.  I very much realize that the vast majority of you are always being safe and are incredibly patient; thank you.  What I encourage us all to do is to stay off our phones while driving, to be aware of people crossing roads, to be a bit more patient during our impacted times, and to remain understanding that we all want everyone to be safe.  This is a wonderful community and school, and no one wants anyone to get hurt.

Perhaps one of your resolutions involves being more involved in your community.  Maybe the TES/VES PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is exactly what you were interested in being involved with? The PTO is involved with TES in so many ways including fundraising, volunteering during school events, providing needed supplies and technology for our classrooms, supplementing the funding for field trips, and much more.  You are invited this Wednesday, January 7 at 7p to attend the TES/VES public PTO meeting, held in the TES MPR.  If you are interested in being involved with the PTO Community Dinner (our biggest fundraiser), there is a special Community Dinner meeting just prior to the PTO meeting at 6p on January 7 in the TES MPR as well.  Also, don't forget - this coming Wednesday, January 7 is also Wacky Snack!

Welcome back to TES!  I look forward to seeing all of you as we begin 2015!  TES is truly one of the most special schools to be found anywhere.  This is because of our incredibly supportive, unique, and dynamic families, students, staff, and community.

Jill Southern - TES Principal



October 14, 2014

To Parents / Guardians of Templeton Elementary Students:



Templeton Elementary School is regularly looking at ways to keep our students safe.  We currently have multiple students in all our grade levels at our school with life threatening allergies and food related illnesses.  There have been some unintentional situations where students have had allergic reactions to food products this year at school.  While we certainly appreciate the intent of families bringing in outside food to share with the class, we do not want to put any student in potential danger by exposing him or her to outside foods.  

To keep our kids safe, we are adding some new protocols for foods brought into classes to share with others:

1) If your child is having a birthday or other event and wants to bring something to share with the class, please have it be a non-food item (pencils, erasers, or stickers could be ideas).  

2) There will still be fun, planned opportunities for families to bring in foods to share.  There will be pre-announced class party days for each grade level where families will be notified in advance that food will be in the class and of what foods they can bring.  Please talk with your child’s teacher about these class celebration days.

We certainly appreciate the generosity and creativity of our Templeton families.  The last thing we would want is a child being exposed to a life threatening allergen through a well-intentioned, home-baked food item shared in class.


The Templeton Elementary School Staff

Thanks so much TEF!!!!!

TES would like to send out a HUGE thank you to TEF!!! Without the support of the Templeton Education Foundation (TEF), TES would not be able to offer many of the unique, progressive, and phenomenally educational programs that we do.  We were just awarded these grants:


$2652.32 for Trout in the Classroom

$2,295.50 for 4 IPADS for Math Intervention

$1,501.78  for 60 IPAD MINI Cases

$2,855.76 for After School Enrichment Classes

TUSD DISTRICT Traffic Survey from our Superintendent


The Templeton Unified School District staff recognizes that school drop off and dismissal times create traffic congestion around all of our campuses.  While this problem will never be entirely eliminated, I am committed to implementing improvement efforts.  The newly designed drop off system at Templeton Middle School is one of our first attempts to implement ideas gleaned from our traffic study.  In addition to professional advice, your feedback is critical in developing a comprehensive approach to improving traffic flow.  Please take a few minutes and share your ideas about various mechanisms to improve traffic congestion caused by school operations.    The following link to the survey will be available until Friday, October 3, 2014, at 4 pm. 




I thank you in advance for your time and feedback. 

TES School Supply Lists 2014-15

Click below to see the TES grade level supply lists for TK and K, grade 1, and grade 2


We are looking forward to a super year!


Grade Level Supply Lists - 2014-15

CS Math Curriculum Banner.jpg

TES and This Year's CCSS Math Curriculum Pilot

TES is tremendously excited about the new Common Core State Standards for math.  After attending some of the most powerful math strategy and published curriculum trainings this summer, teachers are very prepared and resourced to teach our math standards appropriately and with rigor.


We are fortunate to be able to do full year pilots with complete published math curriculum in every classroom.  State recommended for adoption math materials will be used with fidelity here at TES.  At the end of the school year, we will properly be able to make an educated and informed decision about which published curriculum we want to adopt for multiple years in the future.


We want our families to know that:


1) The same grade level Common Core Math Standards will be taught in every classroom for that grade, regardless of the curriculum being piloted.  These are well researched, highly acclaimed published materials.


2) Though homework from one classroom to the next may look somewhat different, the same standards will be addressed throughout the year.  This is due to potential small differences in the pacing of different standards from one published curriculum to the next.


3) A team of TES teachers attended a math publisher's fair last year where 8 of the top math curriculum (according to the state of California) were presented in detail.  The three best according to the team and our site were selected as our pilot programs for this 2014-15 school year.


The TES grade level teams of teachers regularly collaborating together, discussing each curriculum as well.


The three published curriculum:

Houghton Mifflin's Math Expressions

Houghton Mifflin's GO Math!

McGraw Hill's My Math


TES is unique in that unlike many other schools and districts, we are not piloting math curriculum in just a few classrooms for just a portion of the year.  EVERY class and EVERY student will be involved in complete Common Core Math curriculum with a well researched program for the entire year.  



ONLINE RESOURCES you can use at home!

Click the link below for a long list of resources you can use with your students at home!  We will be updating this frequently as we discover more great links!




Hello TES Families,


$4595.05!!!  WOW AND THANK YOU!

Do you have a TARGET RED CARD?  Did you know that the Target Red Card gives you 5% off your purchases and gives an additional 1% to our school?  It's easy to get one - SEE BELOW:

Did you know there’s an easy way to help us raise money for our school—for books, activities, reading programs and anything else that can use extra funding? It’s called Take Charge of Education®, and it’s helping our school right now.
Here’s how it works:
Apply for a Target REDcard debit or credit card at checkout the next time you shop (a voided personal check is needed for the debit card). There is no charge to apply. You will save 5% off your bill at every purchase and 1% of all your purchases will go to the school of your choice (TES!). Schools receive a check from The Target Corporation every September.
Once you sign up it’s important to designate our school. You can call 1-800-316-6142 or go online at Target.com/tcoe
Follow the steps listed below:
• Click on find a school under the heading Already Have a REDcard?
• Enter city, state and school name
• Click select this school and enter your REDcard information
If you already have a REDcard go to Target.com/tcoe and make sure you have selected TES as your school. You can check on our school’s donation progress by entering your REDcard number under the heading Already Enrolled?
Let friends and family know that they can designate Templeton Elementary School to receive funds too!
Use your REDcard whenever you shop!!!!
The more people we involve, the more the program works for our school. If you’re already participating, thank you!
It all adds up!!!
Current Statistics for Templeton Elementary School:
Last year's Target donation to this school (August 2013): $2956.43
OUR EXPECTED NEXT next Target donation: $4595.05
So far, in the past few days: $90.79
Number of REDcard holders who have designated this school: 175

Interested in previewing the SBAC?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) is the standardized testing system affiliated with Common Core.  Though the youngest grade testing will be 3rd grade, we thought knowing what types of things will be asked of 3rd graders starting in 2015 would be of interest to TES parents.  You can take a look at sample tests and questions at the following web link:



CA Department of Education Link to Common Core Resources

Click here to get to the California Department of Education's Website for Common Core State Standards.  Here, you will find the standards and many resources available to you including sample questions for the Common Core state assessments (called SBAC - starts at grade 3), parent information for student success, FAQ, etc.



Also, there are some great Parent Guides for Student Success for Common Core found at the following link (English and Spanish):



Common Core - Key Ideas for Families

Common Core - Key Ideas for Families
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IPADS in TES classrooms!

Through incredibly generous donations by PTO and individual families, classrooms at TES have IPADS.  Students are motivated and engaged learners using the most up to date technology and Apps!  The learning is genuine and the potential is endless.  21st Century Learning is happening at TES!!!

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silly eagle.png


We have new stock of ALL sizes of sweatshirts and Tshirts!!!

Youth Small 
Youth Med
Youth Large
Adult Small
Adult Med
Adult Large

Adult XL

Click the link below for the order form for TES SPIRIT WEAR!!!  Have you seen those great green t-shirts supporting our great school?  If you want to see the t-shirts up close, we have some on display at the TES Office.  The form on the link below gives the sizes and prices.

Spirit Wear Order Form

A quote from Dr. Seuss

The more that you read,

the more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you'll go.

Dr. Seuss

Does Your Child Have Health Insurance?

Click the link to the flyer below for information regarding NO-COST MEDI-CAL Health Care and LOW COST HEALTHY FAMILIES Health Care for those who qualify.  The flyer is in both English and Spanish.

Med-Cal Flyer



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Teacher WEBSITES!!! Click the links below

Fotinakes, Marcia

Cafeteria menus and other information

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Eagle Hour - What is it?

Eagle Hour - What is it?

EAGLE HOUR - Reading Process Grades 1-2

For the 2014-15 school year, Templeton Elementary School is so proud to continue our Eagle Hour curriculum planning and delivery process for every student grades 1 and 2.  Eagle Hour is a PROCESS by which we assess our students and then place them in a classroom within their grade level for reading and literacy for one hour a day, four days a week.  TES has been and continues to receive thorough training for Eagle Hour, and we are dedicated to deliver differentiated literacy instruction that addresses the needs of every child on such a consistent basis.  This is research based and being done in over 300 schools.  This reading process will begin in mid September this year, a full month earlier than last year.

Each child is taught at his or her instructional level and advanced accordingly.  Lessons and curriculum are planned collaboratively, on a weekly basis by the whole grade level team.  

TES Eagle Hour Passion Statement:

"With clear purpose, collaboration, and as supported lifelong learners, we, at Templeton Elementary School will not rest until all of our students participate in leveled, targeted, and engaging instruction that advances literacy and fosters a love of learning."

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Accelerated Reader

Read Me.jpg

Got Spirit?

Every Friday, teachers and office staff wear their green TES shirts.  Join us as we show our Templeton Pride!  To order your Eagle apparel, please print an order form here or contact TES PTO via email at tespto@hotmail.com.


"Adopt" TES through www.adoptaclassroom.org! Click below for more info.

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